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Not every job vacancy will have these, but quite a few will! Instead of just sending your resume template and writing a cover letter, some employers will ask you to fill out an application form. These often look quite daunting as they are usually full of lots of questions!


Job Application Tips

An application form is designed to find out more about you. They are designed to question your work motives and to decipher whether you could be the right fit for the company culture.

We have put together some tips to help you perfect your application – check them out below;

  • Be honest. With application forms you will often be faced with a number of different questions i.e. Describe a time at work when you had to solve a problem? What is your biggest achievement? Where do you see yourself in five years? These questions are designed to test your personality and work ethic but if you lie on this it can be detrimental to your application. It’s highly likely the employer will find out if you lie on your application form so don’t risk it! Instead answer all questions honestly and refer to your resume writing to support this.
  • Ensure you highlight key skills in each answer. Skills to highlight can be different depending on the role but try to show you are dedicated, creative, forward thinking, self motivated, passionate, a problem solver and a good team player. These are traits most companies look for.
  • Don’t just say it, prove it. Instead of answering a question by saying you’re creative, try and relate this to examples of times you have been creative or work projects. This will help the employer to visualise the impact you could have on their company.
  • Check spelling and grammar! If you are filling this form out online be sure to check through it before you click send!
  • Keep it concise. Don’t write lots of text.
  • Ensure that what you write ties in with your resume and cover letter.

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