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When you are writing a resume it’s easy to fall into the trap of writing cliché content. Check out our tips below to help you avoid this and to help you write original, innovative content.


Resume Advice and Tips

We have picked out some examples of cliché phrases and some ideas of ways to make your content different and your resume stand out:

I am a People Person

Although this is a great quality to have, many people write this on their resume template and don’t mention how they are a good people person. Is it because you have worked for a charity? Are you particularly sociable? Have you always worked in big teams? This statement could mean a number of things so try and elaborate.

I am Self Motivated

Every employer likes to know that their employees are self motivated and can achieve tasks with very little management. But in order to really impress the employer you should include examples of how you are self motivated. Perhaps you organised a charity event for your company or you led a project? Whatever it is try and include a few figures to give the employer an idea of your achievements.

I Possess Excellent Communication Skills

What does this even mean? We know it’s a quality most employers look for, but if every resume they receive has this on it – how do they whittle down the best candidates? To ensure your application stands out explain what communication skills you have – whether it’s good rapport building with customers or good team building skills – let the employer know!

I am a Hard Worker

It’s good to let the employer know you work hard but you should try and outline why. Have you achieved certain sales figures for your current organisation? Have you progressed into a management position quickly? Use your cover letter writing to detail exactly how you are hard working and the impact you could have on the employer’s company.

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