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If you have been tirelessly applying for jobs and haven’t had much success, you may find yourself needing to update some of your resume content. One of the first things an employer will look at is your personal statement so spending time refreshing this could help improve your job chances.

Resume Advice and Tips

Keep it Short

Assess the length of your personal statement as this is crucial – employers don’t have time to read lines and lines of text. You should keep your personal statement short and witty and give them an insight into you as an individual. Don’t give away too much as you should reserve this for the interview! If your current personal statement is lengthy consider cutting it down and keep it to a few lines.

Make it Entertaining

An employer needs to be captured by what you write in your personal statement so if your current one is monosyllabic and not that descriptive it could be losing you valuable points. Instead, try to make your personal statement more intriguing – use industry language to demonstrate your knowledge and try to think outside of the box when writing it.

Personalise It

If you haven’t had much response from employers it could be that you haven’t personalised your personal statement enough. Employers want to see that you are passionate about the industry and that you can fit into their organisation. If you are applying to work in Sales and detail how you can’t wait to become a Zoologist in your personal statement, the employer is likely to feel confused. Ensure you personalise your personal statement to the job and the industry and demonstrate why you would be an asset to their organisation.

Keep it Current

If you are still sending out your resume that you created years ago, you may find that your personal statement and resume content is out of date. If you have completed new work projects, worked for a charity or have some recent achievements to include ensure you mention them!

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