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Creative resumes grab both the employer’s and the public’s attention. In the past few weeks we have seen a variety of creative resumes make headlines including resumes made of food and resumes based on famous websites. So if you are trying to make your resume more creative check out these tips.

Resume Advice and Tips

Update Your Resume

Before you even think about resume templates and ideas you need to ensure your resume content is up to date. Look at your work experience and key skills and update them with anything relevant. Revisit sections including your career objective and personal statement to ensure they are relevant and match your career goals.

Assess the Job Role

Before you decide to send a creative resume you should assess the job role and the company to decide whether you think it’s appropriate. Some companies still like to receive resumes in a traditional format so look at the company website and do your research before you commit to sending your resume.


You now need to research what other people have done and start generating some ideas. One of the things to remember is to be different. If it was in the news last week that someone got a job by sending a resume that looked like a cake, then you shouldn’t replicate this. Try and be original and think outside of the box!

Follow Up

Once you have sent your unique resume out it’s vital that you follow it up. If you have got to the interview stage send an interview follow up note or call the employer to find out their opinion on your resume and to get interview feedback. Not only will this reinforce your interest in the company but it can also help you to work on your next resume and (if you did not get the job) to find out where you went wrong.

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