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Whether you are looking for an entry level job or you are looking for your next big career step, you should consider setting some goals as this will help you to concentrate on your job search.

Job Goals

When you are looking for a job there are a variety of goals you can set. By setting goals you should find that you have more focus and hopefully it will lead you to a job that you really enjoy.

Here are some goal setting ideas:

Where Do You Want to Work?

First and foremost you should sit down and think about where exactly you want to work, and we’re not just talking about location. Thinking carefully about the types of organisations you would like to work for will help you to narrow down your job search. Start by making a list of desirable companies. Then expand on this with the type of industry/role you would like to work in. Then when you’re looking for a job you should find it easier to send out applications.

What Do You Want Your Resume to Look Like?

There are a variety of resume templates you can choose from and it is crucial that you think about this before you send your resume to employers. Do you want to include a picture? Is there a certain kind of resume that is appropriate for the industry you are applying for? Do you want to include hobbies? Really think about the design of your resume as this can help you to secure a job interview. (To find out more about customised resume templates click here).

Salary Expectations

You should set some achievable goals when it comes to salary. You need to assess what you need to live on comfortably and what you would be happy progressing to. If you set your own salary goals then you are less likely to waste an employers or, more importantly, your own time during the application process.

Career Expectations

Setting career goals can really help you when you are applying for jobs. You should think about your objectives and where you want to be in the future. If you have researched a company and you find their career opportunities don’t match your expectations then move on.

Long Term Goals

It’s up to you whether you set yourself long term goals but a lot of candidates find this really useful. It can help you work towards job promotions in the future.

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