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Freelancing can be a really great career. You often have more flexibility than in an office job and you can pick which types of jobs you would like to work on. This is all great for building your career portfolio. But positions can be tough to find so here are a few tips to get you started on the job search. Freelance Work


Networking with like minded individuals is a great way of finding work. Attending networking events specifically related to the industry you want to work in and talking to relevant contacts will help you to find out about opportunities. If you build up a good rapport you may even find that someone refers you for a position.

Social Media

Just like traditional networking, social media and online networking can be of great benefit. Using a site like Twitter and detailing your skills and linking to your work will help to attract attention. It’s important that you use these tools though – it’s not much benefit if you create an account and leave it sitting there. Get out there and join the conversation!

Online Sites

There are some really great freelancing sites out there, depending on what industry you would like to work for. Sites like Gorkana are great for media based roles whereas sites like People per Hour are more general where you can bid for different jobs. Spend some time on the internet researching which sites are right for you and make sure you validate their legitimacy before signing up.
Be Competitive

A lot of freelancing sites will require you to ‘bid’ or to give an indication of how much you would charge for a project. While you don’t want to undervalue yourself it is important to be as competitive as possible. Just think – if you do a great first job for an employer at a competitive price they are more likely to re-hire you in the future.

Career Portfolio

Having a strong career portfolio to demonstrate previous work is crucial. You may have to spend some time in an internship or gaining some relevant work experience to build this up but once you have it you should find you’re in a better position to start winning work.

Don’t Give Up

Most importantly, don’t give up. Freelance work is notoriously competitive and you won’t get your first job over night. The important thing is to keep updating your resume template and portfolio and to keep applying.

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