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Depending on your career path you may be wondering whether to apply for full time jobs or whether to look into freelance opportunities. There are positives and negatives to both roles. Freelance

Applying for a freelance position is a slightly different process than full time. When applying for freelance it’s important to alter your resume template to highlight any temp or freelance projects you have done previously. You might also want to highlight key achievements during this period.

Depending on the industry you want to work in, freelance opportunities may be more available than permanent roles. In this case you could begin freelance work until something full time becomes available. It really is personal preference but this can allow you to gain immediate income, boost your professional resume and enhance your career experience. Much like work experience, freelancing does not have to be permanent but it can be an effective way of getting you into the industry you want to work in.

When applying for freelance positions you should remember:

  • Work is on an ad-hoc basis and is never guaranteed
  • If you have a lot of responsibilities you may prefer full time employment (for job security)
  • Your job is never 100% secure
  • It is competitive

However if you are successful when applying for a freelance opportunity there are a number of positives:

  • Accepting a freelance work opportunity could lead to permanent work within the company
  • You can do multiple projects and therefore earn a bigger income
  • It’s more flexible than a permanent position
  • Depending on the type of industry, some freelance work can be done from the comfort of your own home

If you believe freelance work is something you might be interested why not widen your job search to include opportunities like this?

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