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Once you have sailed through a job interview and got to the second interview stage, your chances of employment increase rapidly. But it’s crucial that you prepare for the second interview and don’t relax too much – you haven’t got the job yet! Second Job Interview

There are lots of positive reasons as to why you are invited back to a second interview;

  • The employer loved your resume template and they want to find out more
  • They enjoyed the first interview but didn’t feel there was enough time to assess your application thoroughly
  • They liked you but need to bring in other management to meet you
  • They want to offer you the job but they need to know you’re serious about the position

But although this is a really positive step in the job hunting process, you need to ensure you prepare well with job interview practice. Some candidates believe they have the job before they even attend the second interview and this can be damaging.

Lots of people attend a second interview and don’t get offered the job and here a few reasons why;

  • They turn up with a bad attitude because they think they’ve got the job
  • They make less effort with their physical appearance
  • They don’t prepare any job interview questions
  • They don’t interact with the staff in the office – they think they’ll do it when they start the job
  • They don’t bring a copy of their resume – the employer has already seen it, right?
  • They don’t think about typical job interview questions they will be asked

All of this can lead to your application falling at the last hurdle. It’s likely other candidates are being interviewed for the second time too so it’s vital that you treat this stage as competition. To prepare for a second interview ensure you;

  • Think about the first time you met the employer and try to rectify any mistakes
  • Think about the rapport you built – is there a topic that interested the employer? Be sure to bring this up
  • Acknowledge the staff
  • Prepare your resume template and cover letter – they might want to show it to other staff members
  • Prepare some good interview questions – you might need to ask other staff members about their role during the interview
  • Dress to impress!


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