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We have all heard the expression ‘it’s not over until it’s over’ and this certainly applies to job interviews. Many candidates make the mistake of ‘relaxing’ too soon after their interview and this can leave an interviewer with the wrong impression.


Making an Impression During a Job Interview

An employer’s impression of you won’t start and stop during the interview process. They will make judgements on your personality and you as a candidate as soon as you send in an application.

Many interviewers will ask staff around the office what they thought of you during that nervous five minutes in the reception before the interview. They will even watch how you leave the premises after the job interview (they probably won’t stare at you but you get the idea).

A job interview really starts from the moment you prepare to send the company your resume template and it ends when you arrive home after the interview. Candidates who forget this and use all of their energy just trying to impress during their interview are likely to be overlooked.

It may sound unlikely but if an employer does not like the way you speak to one of their staff in the waiting room or they see you picking your nose outside of their office, they are likely to have pre-conceived ideas of you as a person, regardless of how well you perform at interview. You should also remember that if your interview is around lunchtime, staff members may be in the area so it’s important to remain professional long after you leave an interview.

To ensure you leave a positive impression you should;

  • Arrive ten minutes early
  • Do not chew gum
  • Greet the reception and create conversation
  • Sit upright in reception and don’t slouch
  • When the interviewer greets you, shake their hand and greet them accordingly
  • When you are walking through the offices ensure you smile and look at staff
  • If you have time, ask staff members some questions about the company
  • After the interview thank the interviewer for their time. If you want to score extra points, thank the receptionist.
  • Ensure that (for at least a few miles) you remain confident and professional as you leave the premises

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