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During a job interview there are some really obvious things you need to show the employer. An enthusiasm for what you do and relevant work experience are just a few of the things an employer will be looking for. But if you really want to stand out check out a few ideas below that could see you crossing the finishing line first… Interview Tips

Impressive Resume Template

This is obvious but we have to mention it. Having an impressive resume template that both looks good and reads well is crucial. You will usually need to take a copy to interview and the employer will normally refer to some of the content on there. Ensuring your resume is well written, designed to stand out and has no spelling mistakes will help you towards securing a second job interview.

Key Skills That Are Relevant

Showing an employer your key skills is essential but a lot of candidates forget to tie these in with the employer’s needs. So for instance, showing you are driven is great. But showing you are driven and talking with the employer about their bonus scheme and how you like reaching for targets will further demonstrate your interest in the job.


Don’t just go on a company’s website and learn about the major news before an interview. Instead dig deep and find out about their history and staff members. Not only will this show an employer you have done your homework but it will help you to build rapport.

Career Portfolio

Showing an employer your successes is a good idea as it can help them to visualise the kind of impact you could have on their company. Take your career portfolio to the job interview and highlight relevant projects.

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