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Just like when you are choosing a resume template, you need to think carefully about the design and layout of your cover letter. A cover letter can help you stand out from your competitors so spending time on its layout can potentially increase your chances of securing a job. Cover Letter Writing


Try and keep your cover letter simple. Overcomplicating content and layout can make your cover letter look garish and could potentially discourage the employer from reading it. You also need to consider that an employer won’t have a lot of time to read a cover letter as they could receive thousands every week. Ensure you make your cover letter as simple as possible by including all of your key skills and experience at the top – making it easy for an employer to pick out your key attributes.


Making your content relevant to the organisation and the job role is crucial. Ensure you keep your comments short and use each section of the cover letter to address different topics i.e. key skills, work experience, why you are right for the job.


Limiting the amount of content you write can be very effective as it will make your text easier and cleaner to layout. Consider using only four or five paragraphs on the cover letter as this will help you to eliminate irrelevant content.

Easy to Read

An employer will only scan your cover letter for a few seconds before continuing whether or not to read on. You need to make them want to read on and one way of doing this is by making it very easy to read. Highlight your key skills so they jump out from the page. Explain in your first few lines why you are different to other applicants and try and grab the employer’s attention.

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