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As we say hello to another new year you may be making some New Year’s resolutions. And one of them might be to find a new, more rewarding job or to change your career path altogether.


Career Progression

If you’re thinking of looking for a job or a career change in the New Year, whether you are currently employed or unemployed, here are some things you should consider:

  • Read through your resume template and pick out the roles you really enjoyed. Is there something in there that you want to pursue? Is there a contact on there that you could talk to? Either way study your resume and ensure you know your own career history inside out.
  • If you’re employed think about why you want to look for a job. Is it simply because it’s a new year so you think you deserve a fresh start because you’re bored? Or is it to progress your career? Really think about motivations for wanting to change jobs to ensure you are moving for the right reason.
  • Study the job market. Although work opportunities are quite rare at the moment, this time of year is popular for companies wanting to hire new staff. Many companies would have re-assessed their budgets so start looking at companies you want to work for or the industry you want to work in.
  • Put in time. Finding a new job takes time – be patient and ensure you allow yourself enough time to find the right role.
  • Think about what your new role might require – do you need refresher training? Do you need certain qualifications? Ensure you look into this and gain the right experience – you could even look at work experience or volunteering in this industry to boost your resume.
  • Attend networking events and get your name out there.
  • Write a cover letter and make it stand out. Click here for more help on this.
  • Make it happen. If you have been wanting to change careers for a while then there is obviously a reason!

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